LIT d.o.o. …

… is a family undertaking that was established in 1991, although wood had begun to be processed a few years earlier.
The principal activity is the manufacture of cladding, panelling and beadboards.
All products are made with top quality and packed in film. Each package is separately packed in film and marked with a label showing a picture of the product, information about the standard and CE marking.
The wood used for processing as raw material mostly comes from Slovenian forests, while some is bought in Austria. Domestic wood is air-dried for some time and then further dried in the dryer to the desired moisture content.
Wood processing is carried out at new and technologically advanced machines, while packaging is conducted at an automatic line. End products are always stored in a covered space.
All products from the product line are always in stock; a few in minor quantities and the rest in large quantities. At the customer’s request, we can produce the ordered product within the shortest possible time, since some wood is always kept in stock for custom orders.

We seek to satisfy the customer and will continue to make our best effort.